Friday, December 2, 2016

Back to work for a bit!

The weather has been ridiculously warm for the first of December! 

Getting back to work on the Avion - maybe this will be the "home-stretch"!

I didn't take a photo of this in place....but it's basically the "yucky" water disposal piping....of course, it was original and we just didn't trust it to be intact.   In fact, we saw some "evidence" that it was not in good shape.

So, out it came - this is just part of it.

And after a day of much difficulty and (slightly) profane words, Duane has it all re-plumbed with all new components  - ready for whatever we throw at it!! 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Bottom Railing

Things are going back together! 

We had to remove the bottom railing because of all the floor board replacements ages ago.  (the bottom railing screws into the floor boards.)

Aluminum extrusion ready to be screwed/riveted back in place.  We used  butyl tape to seal it - hoping to eliminate ANY leak source!!

The  bottom edge of the trailer just looks "unfinished" .....

But now the railing is re-installed - and the original rubber "rub-rail" fit back amazingly well.

See how nice it's starting to look???

Thursday, August 11, 2016

LED Light Replacements

The 12 volt bulbs all needed to be replaced with L.E.D. ones to reduce the power consumption.

So, I ordered various ones - mostly from China - I guess we're supporting the world economy.....such is life!

Special little reading spot lights - these L.E.D.'s (on the right) were actually were made in America!

 Here is the original exterior "courtesy light" at the door.

And here is the L.E.D. replacement.

Nice and bright!

 These lights are all over the trailer - under the cabinets, over the bed.

The white covers removed exposing the "guts".

And the L.E.D. replacements.

The fixtures in the bathroom .

And the L.E.D. replacements installed.

The fixture on the left has the L.E.D. bulbs - the fixture on the right has the old incandescent bulbs.  Not too different and it L.E.D.'s will have a huge amount of battery power!   (And supposedly last 10X longer.  We'll see about that!)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Water Heater Refurb

Duane did a great job putting the water heater back together!

And re-installing it.

About $20 for the black replacement front vs about $500 for a new one! 

Getting closer!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Fan repair

There are two large exhaust fans in the trailer.  They have a fairing that is hidden behind a nice fabric vent cover.  This fairing acts like a venturi to make the fan more efficient.

Unfortunately, the plastic was cracked and damaged.  First we thought it would be best just to replace the fans.  But, they are larger than normal  - 18"x18" - and the RV supply stores only have 14"x14" fans. 

So, we decided we'd just repair the ones we have.

I used masking tape as a base for the filler.

Ready for some fiberglass!

It doesn't have to be pretty - it won't be seen.  But, the cracks and missing plastic have to be fixed.

Several layers of fiberglass cloth and resin.

Trimmed off the excess.

And here it is - a trial fit - looking up thru the trailer roof to the hangar roof.   Just a little more trimming and it will be ready to install - cost - almost nothing since we had the fiberglass leftover from some boat project!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Water heater refurb

The outdoor panel/cover for our propane gas water heater was terribly rusty.  The inside components are in almost new condition....

We tried to find an exact replacement, but it was not available due to it being 30 years old!!

But, Duane found this "almost exact replacement".   The holes are not exactly the same.

So he did what he always does - he carefully modified it to fit.  Now he has to do a little plumbing work to reinstall it.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

New Exterior Latches

We'd replaced some of these exterior compartment latches already.....but still had a few to do.

See the ugly rusty hardware?

Duane drilled out the old rivets - these obviously weren't stainless steel!

Nice shiny new stainless steel  replacements. 

Couldn't remove the slight rust-stain around the rivets....but I think they look terrific!