Saturday, January 21, 2017

Entrance door molding

The entrance door molding was brittle, discolored and cracked.  So, I pried it all off - since it was brittle, it came off pretty easily.

After much searching on the internet, I found some almost identical molding.  It's flexible vinyl with a metal interior that "grips" the metal of the doorway.

And there you have it - a nice, white/clean doorway trim!

Friday, January 20, 2017


Getting lots done lately!!!

Several of the original copper water lines had frozen and busted.  That's strange because when we drained the lines, they had been winterized with that pink RV antifreeze.  Oh well, it didn't work!!

Duane did some replacement with PEX instead of copper.

We had earlier rebuilt the water pump.  It works great and we understand from some research online that they are great pumps.  He replaced the flexible supply lines also since the original ones were brittle and suspect.

And....drumroll......we have water!!  Love my new kitchen faucet!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

New electrical service

We've had the trailer plugged into a long extension cord all this time.  Not ideal, but it let us run the lights, etc. 

Since the trailer will likely be parked in the hangar every winter, we thought it would be good to have a more "permanent" electrical solution!

(This is mostly Duane's handywork, of course. I just handed him stuff....)

New small panel right next to the trailer.

Duane ran conduit all the way across the hangar to the main electrical panel.

Then we measured out 4 pieces of wire - about 120' each to pull thru the conduit.

Kindof hard to see, but the 4 wires pulled pretty easy thru the long and curvy conduit!

Panel finished!

And trailer plugged in!!  (I've actually ordered a brand new beefy cord since this one is original and a bit "tired" looking).

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Finally tried out the awning - just to see how it sets up and hangs.

Pretty pleased with it - but it is heavy!  Will be a nice, big outdoor shelter.  Total cost - about $200 including the poles.  (And a good bit of labor on my part, of course!)

Monday, January 16, 2017

Entrance Step

The fold-up entrance step needed some attention.  Long ago, I had removed as much rust as I could and primed/painted it with RustOleum.  But the silver color just didn't look quite right.

Re-painted it black.

And glued the original heavy rubber Avion mat back in place.  One more little thing finished!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Roof work

Today I sealed all the roof seams with EternaBond tape.  It's billed as "permanent and impenetrable". 

Cool stuff - some of the stickiest stuff I've ever used.  Luckily, it comes with a "backing" that allows you to position it right before you peel the backing away.  I've covered all the seams, so we should never have to worry about a leak from the roof again!

 (The boards are there to spread our weight around and not crush the aluminum roof).   Getting closer to being finished up there!!  Just have to install the three new vent covers and finish sealing around the vent fans.  I can't wait to be done up there since I REALLY don't like being up there!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Propane Tanks

The nice aluminum propane tanks that were original to the trailer were in good shape, but valves and all the "plumbing" was in dire need of replacement.

Duane ordered everything new, except the actual tanks.  

We're required to have a DOT inspection/certification every 5 that done at a local gas company.

And they're just about ready to power the stove and hot water heater!