Monday, February 6, 2017

Before and after

This time - the galley area -


What we changed:

Removed gas range
Removed countertop/sink
Cleaned and re-stained all cabinets
Installed Corian countertop/built in sink
Installed new faucet and soap dispenser
Installed gas cooktop
Installed convection/microwave oven

The After photos!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Before and after

The project is really winding down now....thought I'd start posting some final "before" and "after" photos!


Probably should state what was changed - 

Removed carpet
Removed entire floor/subfloor
Installed  new floor and vinyl floor covering
Rebuilt "settee" cabinets that were water damaged
Recovered table and shelf with light colored laminate
(Not visible, really) Replaced all lighting with LED's

The After photo!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Final touches for the floor

I wanted to finish off the junction of the new vinyl flooring and the cabinetry a little better.  While I think we did a great job of cutting it to fit closely, there was still a small "crack" between the flooring and the wooden cabinetry.  

Our solution was to stain some quarter round to match.

I think it finishes it off nicely!

 Same thing in the bathroom - this is the tub area.

And here's the finished look. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Clothes hamper lid

The "clothes hamper" is just a small area that is walled off behind the toilet.   The original old yellow laminate countertop had a similar opening, so Duane duplicated it with our new Corian countertop.  The old opening had a poorly constructed laminate lid that was made using a particle board base.  It was swollen with moisture and unusable.

So, Duane fabricated a new "lid" out of some nice veneer plywood and some oak boards.  The patterned boards hold the lid in place and keeps it from slipping when the trailer is in motion.

Here it is in place, sanded and unfinished.

This is the little hamper space. Note curtains in place now and a nice stained piece of trim on the right to tidy up the countertop finish.

And here is the lid after many coats of Minwax polyurethane.

A nice finish, lightweight and functional.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Built-in gas lantern

Betcha don't see this everyday!!  It's a built-in lantern - like an old fashioned "white gas" Coleman camping lantern.  Except it's fueled by a propane line.  It has the little mesh mantle just like a Coleman lantern.

Duane re-connected the propane line - and it works perfectly! It even makes that same little familiar Coleman lantern "whirrr".   Will be neat to have when we're "boondocking"!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Maiden voyage!!! 3 years in the making!

I'm so thrilled, I just had to post again today! 

Here's the "before" photo from February, 2014:

Duane finished installing the brake controller - so it was time to take the Avion out to calibrate the controller. 

Amazing - we parked the Avion almost exactly 3 years ago in it's spot in the hangar.  (I will admit that we didn't do much on the trailer during 2015...busy sailing....)

Other than jacking it up and down, it hasn't moved all that time.  It's been a long process - but we're intimately  familiar with the entire trailer now!!

We made sure everything inside was stowed properly -  and Duane attached all the towing "bits".  

Buttoned up and ready to go!!

Just a little 10 mile local loop - brake controller worked well - everything behaved as expected....even blew a little dust off!  

 It was too chilly today to wash it - but tomorrow may be much warmer.  Will be nice to pull it back out and wash off all the "hangar grime".   

We have a "short list" of things to finish before we can take it out camping!

Roof seal finished!

Pretty much finished up on the roof!!

We had replaced all 3 of the old plumbing roof vents - and applied copious amounts of Dicor self-leveling sealant to make sure there are NO leaks!!

Everything all tidy - just have to remove our "walking boards".  Glad to be off the roof!!   We may go back up sometime to put solar panels on.  We'll save that for a bit later when we have some camping experience and decide exactly what we need.  Bye-bye roof - won't miss you!!